Hi! I Am Camelia. Welcome to my website.

I have all my adult life worked as a teacher: Norwegian and yoga teacher. Two distinct fields that I have resonated with. So, talking in front of a group, showing, explaining and helping others have been a part of my life. You can know more about me by accessing one og my podcasts, either in Romanian and/or Norwegian.

I provide guiding and help in exploring the two languages that define me: Romanian - my first language and Norwegian - my second language.

I offer online Romanian and Norwegian courses for all levels. You can find me interacting with my students on Patreon and Podcasts.

P a t r o n for N o r w e g i a n language & P a t r o n for R o m a n i a n language

Norsk: You find more information about the Norwegian courses by accessing the Norwegian page: n o r s k

Română: You find more information about the Romanian courses by accessing the Romanian page: r o m â n ă

E-mail: post@cameliaweb.com